Don’t be sad it’s time for bed

150 x 100 cm

2.975,00  incl. VAT

Linnen cloth collage on cotton canvas

oil, acrylics and water based paint

oak frame

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The act of painting can be liberating, it can be healing, a way to shed old layers and carve your own path. After going through a difficult time in her life, Prisca Akua Kwaning was lucky enough to find her very own creative studio in her hometown of Amsterdam. 

Claiming her space was exactly what she needed and painting the rooms she was about to inhabit, turned out to be addictive. Once she was done with the walls, Prisca moved on to large canvases: spaces in their own right. She used the same paint buckets, poured some of the pigment onto the frame and let loose to create her immersive, gestural works.

Now, years later, painting still represents freedom; a way to explore and discover her true self, without restriction or judgment. To her, making art is the visual playground of a silent dialogue, where emotions can be processed and openness can be discovered; a safe place where she can always return to. Prisca’s works reflect a journey of self-discovery and the reclamation of personal space, embodying the essence of freedom and the power of creative expression.

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