Current Exhibition

“No III”
This spring NUO GALLERY is showcasing 6 artists from all across Europe in an all-new group exhibition. NUO proudly presents:
Anna Pascher // Düsseldorf, Germany
Caisa Leifsdotter // Copenhagen, Denmark
Dënalisa Shijaku // Berlin, Germany
Eva Hendriks // Nijmegen, Netherlands
Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf // Berlin, Germany
Tabitha Millett // Cambridge, United Kingdom
Each artist has their own unique style and individualistic approach both in their technique and material usage. Yet, all artworks share the ability to spark viewers’ imagination and to create deep emotions. For us at NUO, art is personal. Art is about instantly falling in love with the piece in front of you. Come by the gallery and allow your eyes to wander and your heart to choose.
Alongside the artworks, you will find curated interior accessories, furniture, vases and bowls from exceptional designers:
101 Copenhagen // Denmark


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Past Events:
“Gaining Light” Solo Exhibition by Peter-Maximilian Ronsdorf April – May 2024
Peter-Maximilian’s nouveau works from his “Falling Flower”- and “Helium”- Series exclusively at NUO GALLERY


“Intense” Solo Exhibition by Paul Schrader Nov – Dec 2023
Paul Schrader’s latest works exclusively at NUO GALLERY