Carolin Kreutzer

Carolin Kreutzer is a German artist living outside Stuttgart, Germany. Her work reflects on relationships and perception. They tell about shared values and individual freedom. The composition is reduced to the essential. Hard edges are limiting homogeneous colours.

Carolin was raised alongside three sisters in a creative environment, with an artistic mother nurturing her talent and her father introducing her to the world of photography.

After having studied graphic design in Germany and Great Britain, Carolin worked as an art director for over 15 years, developing corporate designs for numerous luxury furniture and lifestyle brands before she fully dedicating herself to painting. Her background in design helps her to create carefully constructed, and balanced abstract artworks that appeal to a sense of structure while simultaneously embracing an element of playfulness.

“Like every person, every shape has a different relationship to its fellows, like every colour responds to its surrounding.” Born in Hamburg, Carolin now lives and works in southern Germany close to Stuttgart, where she has her own atelier.

PIECES BY Carolin Kreutzer