Caisa Leifsdotter

Caisa Leifsdotter is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Copenhagen. Her work spans from furniture and interior design to bespoke sculptural artworks — always with a preference for pieces that transcend categorization. Caisa’s mesmerizing psychedelic mirror artworks are unique eye-catchers enlightening any room.

Caisa was educated in design and art in Sweden and has taken an education as an interior designer at the Interior Academy. She grew up on the west coast of Sweden, as part of a long lineage of creators and artists. As a result of a life spent taking a practical approach to creation, Caisa strives for a good understanding of the material — an aspect which is particularly important to her. “I like to work with my hands; not only sketching shapes until it makes sense, but feeling and trying out the materials.”

Caisa’s Psychedelic Mirrors are a unique eye-catcher. While minimalist in design, they capture the magic of resin by highlighting its uncontrollable reflections. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand. The mirrors provide a new dimension to any space they occupy through their changeable, watery perspectives.

“The concept came to me while I was still very young. I took my mum’s old vinyl records and melted them to make made sculptures. And the mirrors are made in a similar way. It’s a very delicate process to keep the shine without creating wrinkles. In the beginning, like everything I do, there were a lot of disasters — but it turned out beautifully.” 

PIECES BY Caisa Leifsdotter