Anna Pascher

Anna Pascher is a contemporary artist based in Düsseldorf. Anna’s art revolves around skillfully capturing the essence of everyday objects and transforming them into captivating visual narratives.

Anna studied design and successfully led a fashion company in Berlin for 10 years before she fully devoted herself to art. Recently, her artistic repertoire has primarily revolved around aspects of intuition and breaking away from the conventional notions of representational objects. Anna is inspired by concepts of an intuitive artistic approach. 

The works “Between Pital, Muelle, and Saino” and “Vase III” stem from Anna Pascher’s current series „AN ABSTRACT FEAST – Breaking the Mold“.

In this series, intuition and breaking away from conventional notions and expectations play a central role. “Breaking the mold” can also be understood as “breaking the norm.” It refers to deviating from established conventions, habits, or expectations and doing things differently than usual. It conveys the idea that something new, unconventional, or innovative is being created, deviating from previous standards or expectations. 

Vibrant color and surface overlaps are disrupted by intuitive line work and the increasing integration of surrealist still lifes. The spontaneous approach allows for the unfiltered and immediate translation of visual and sensory experiences, memories, and ideas onto the canvas. 

PIECES BY Anna Pascher