Vessel III

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This double-walled vessel is made up of three individually thrown pieces. It is a sculptural object that can also be used as a bowl.

Vessel III is dishwasher and food safe, hot and cold. The form, glaze and marks can vary slightly as it is handmade.

Organic stoneware clay with grout, blackish glaze

Dimensions: ~ L22 / W22 / H7 cm


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Hanna questions the navigation across the boundaries of object and space as well as what it means to be make something that sits in between art and utility. In what way can objects be engaged with or used and also become spatial?

She works in all scales, from vessels fitting in a hand up to furniture and even urban interventions. All forms are unique and completely handmade by her; the marks on the vessels that indicate their handmade nature are an integral part of the pieces.

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