Ever Coffee Table

3.800,00  incl. VAT

Timeless in form, the Ever Coffee Table is the perfect centerpiece for any lounge setting — alone or in a grouping when paired with the Ever Side Table. The design features a beautiful round slab, elegantly resting atop a sculptural tapered pedestal base that’s carved from a solid block of rare green-blue marble. The stone for this design was hand-picked by the designer for its calming hues and soft patterning reminiscent of sea- foam.


Part of a limited production run of 2 tables.


Dimensions: W 72cm Ø, H 34cm

Top Thickness: 3cm

Material: Marble

Color: Calacatta Green

Since moving to Germany in 2018, Rebecca has worked independently across a range of creative topics. In 2021, she founded her interiors label under her namesake. Guided by the aesthetic and functional values of minimalism, her designs center on elegance, simplicity, and harmony that’s directed by an uncompromising attitude towards quality and timelessness. Made-to-order tables and limited release furniture from natural stone is the foundation of By Rebecca Goddard. Her marble pieces are guided by the simple and honest intention to create beautiful, long-enduring, consciously made designs without compromise when it comes to aesthetics and quality: ageless design made from soulful materials — the type of pieces you keep forever. 

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